Football Picks

Why Making Football Picks Can Be Profitable

As indicated by our name, we specialize on one thing: football picks. That primarily includes NFL football picks and college football picks. However, you will also occasionally find Canadian football picks, Arena football picks, and even some European football picks.

Oh yeah, we also offer daily free football picks. That's right - if there is a game being played on the gridiron then we have a free play going.

Beating the pointspread isn't easy. Some sports handicappers believe that it's a science. Other professional sports bettors suggest that it's an art. At this site, we believe that the key to consistently producing winning football picks is hard work and good information.

At you will receive football picks that are thoroughly researched, from some of the most successful and well-respected football handicappers and sports bettors on the internet.


If you are thinking about trying your hand at making some football picks this season, it's important to know what you are getting into.

First off, you need to know that you will lose money if you hit 50% of your selections. That's because the offshore sportsbooks and Vegas casinos take their cut - known as the vigorish or juice - off every one of your losing football picks. Therefore, in order to make a profit you will need to win at a rate of better than 52.38%. Learn more about football betting vigorish.

So, you know what winning percentage you need to hit in order to make a profit, but how many of your football picks should you realistically expect to win?

The fact of the matter is that every season is going to be different and that nobody really knows how their football picks are going to fare.

Professional sports bettors and sports handicappers strive to hit in the 55% to 60% range with their football picks. There are some that can do this consistently. But not many. You can find some of the best in the business right here!